It's time to ring in the New Year, and if I weren't going to be in the freezing cold this time around, I would love to be wearing this ensemble. 

1. Dress  
2. Shoes, L.A.M.B.
4. Bracelet, Alkemie Jewelry
5. Ring, Bop Bijoux

oh (plastic) christmas tree

Our Christmas has been a little all over the place, since we are having multiple gifting days in different cities.  So the hubby and I still have Christmas #2 to celebrate, meaning our cute little hot pink plastic Christmas tree still gets its little spot by the window.

poor santa

It's the age old question: What do you get your parents for Christmas when you can't afford what they'd want?  I guess that applies to anybody, but in my case it's my parents, particularly my mother. But luckily (or unluckily) I think sometimes they still believe I'm five years old, so they love, and I mean LOVE, anything I make by hand.  So I've gotten into the habit of making them these little Fimo or Sculpey oven-hardening clay figurines every Christmas.  They always seem easy enough in concept, but when it comes down to actually making them, they are so labor intensive and time consuming that I only can make one or two of them before I quit for the year.  This time, I was inspired by my parents' spastic puppies.  They may look cute, but when you turn your back, they jump on top of you and lick your ear canals and anything else they can manage to get their paws, or should I say tongues, on.  And what better way to capture them in the Christmas spirit than showcasing them attacking St. Nick himself.  And so I give you "Poor Santa."

The inspiration:

The Making of Poor Santa:

The Finished Product:

Merry Christmas Eve!

It's that beautiful time of year again.  Snow is gleaming, chestnuts are roasting, carolers are singing, and Harry Potter is playing non-stop in our apartment.  While many are out in the craziness that is last minute gift shopping, I would love to spread the joy of giving to a very worthy cause.  And there is a little bonus for those of you that love Leonardo DiCaprio. There are so many worthy causes out there that need attention, but this one in particular plays to my heart strings. There are as few as 3,200 tigers left in the wild today, and they are widely threatened by worsening poaching and deforestation. Please visit Save Tigers Now to learn more about the cause or to make a donation. Enjoy your holidays!

save the cutest animals on earth!

I'm not exactly sure when my love affair with manatees began, but since I was a little girl, manatees have always been one of my favorite things on earth!  I even adopted Margarito, this cute little (huge actually!) guy who you can see here.  If you are in the charitable spirit, or just haven't found that perfect gift for your loved one yet, why not adopt a manatee for the holiday?!  You can make a donation here or shop for fun gift items.  Here are some of my faves below.


"Finger Puppet"

"Manatee Soap"

"Bottle Stopper"

I'm still not baking...

Yep, the weather is still not inspiring me to bake it up, but these sweet little things from Bake It Pretty might help the cause.  

"Retro Elves Ornament Toppers"

"Sutton Gourmet Liners"

"Holly and Berries Quin"

"Mitten Cutter"

Martha to the Rescue

Well, I had planned on baking up a Christmas storm this weekend, but the rain totally threw me for a lazy loop and I did a whole lot of nothing.  So... instead of showcasing the awesome food I made, I'll showcase the awesome food Martha Stewart made that I would like to make as soon as I can get out of the rainy day funk.  I love you Martha!

for him

I think I've found all of the Christmas gifts for the man in my life, but for those of you that still need some ideas, here are a couple thoughts... but you better hurry!

Toddland "Santa Pants Boxer Briefs"

"Sunwashed flannel shirt"

"Men's underwear repair kit"

"Fisticup brass knuckle mug"

Compatriot "Kevin Jones Pro snowboard"