Breakfast Paninis

The wedding gift my husband and I have definitely gotten the most use out of has been our Breville Panini Press from Williams-Sonoma. It's so simple to use and turns up the yum factor in everyday sandwiches. We especially love to use it to make breakfast paninis. Since I'm a total zombie in the morning, Ken is usually on breakfast duty. Oh who am I kidding; he's always on breakfast duty.

This particular breakfast was one to remember! My husband made scrambled egg paninis and added fresh tarragon, sliced tomatoes, onions, smoked white cheddar, and grilled soy canadian bacon. He was extra-specially loving that morning and made mine with egg whites ♥ He also used his Jack LaLanne Power Juicer to make fresh pineapple pear juice, which was probably one of the best juices I've ever had. Mmmmmmm. This breakfast will be hard to top!

Lacey Lady

Nothing says pretty and feminine more than lace, and lucky for us ladies, there are plenty of lacey pieces in stores and online right now.

Nightcap Clothing "Victorian Lace Dress"

Aqua "Black Lace Sleeveless Dress"

"Field Game Cardigan"

"Lace Scalloped Top"

"Lace Panel Camisole"

Kimchi Blue "Lace Stripe Skirt"

"Stretch Lace Headband"

"Lace Net Tights"

Steve Madden "Rian"

All Black "Lace Oxford"


As wedding season is upon us, so is honeymoon season. My husband and I traveled to the Tahitian islands of Moorea and Bora Bora for our honeymoon last summer, and we had the time of our lives. True to form, I packed about a month in advance, but I just couldn't help myself. Needless to say, I packed everything I needed and then some. Here are some of my top picks to pack for your tropical honeymoon or vacation this summer.

Grace "Straw Bowler with Two Toned Band"

Boutique 9 "Diamond Cage Sandal"

"Golden Koi Sandals"

"Jeweled Jelly Capri Sandals"

"Knotted Satchel"

"Printed Ropes Tote"

"Seaside Tote"

"Brazilian Bottom and Adjustable Triangle Top"

"Ruffle Sliding Triangle Top and String Bottom"

"Dizzy Floral Wrap Tank"

"Solid New Glamour Top and Solid Ruffled Hipster"

"Plunge Cover-Up Tunic"

"Solid Silk Tunic"

Vix "Tunic Cover-Up"

"Pop Cultutre Skirt"

"Crochet Embodied Skirt"

"Tie-Front Linen Short"

"3-inch Chino Short"

Juicy Couture "Cuffed Linen Shorts"

Joie "Major Linen Pants"

"Gold Rush Cardigan"

"Relaxing Tee"

"Charted Course Tank"

"Jakarta Tunic"

"Everywhere Dress"

"Striped Slub Strapless Dress"

"Shirred Racerback Gown"

Lucca Couture "Silky Zip-Front Romper"

Pins and Needles "Eyelet Dress"

For the Traveler

(my travel shelf)

I love to Travel! And I have been fortunate enough to visit some amazing places for work and for play. For those that know me, I tend to get a little too excited before a big trip and end up packing about 2 to 3 weeks in advance. That being said, I'm usually the most prepared traveler on the trip. Here is my list of travel must haves and wants.

My absolute pre-travel MUST have!! This travel check list pad lists everything you'd possibly need on your trip, plus things you'd never think to pack! Each pad contains 60 sheets, which should last for years... or hopefully not :)
Knock Knock "Pack This! Pad"

I always travel with these! Being a slight germaphobe, foreign toilets can stress me out. I usually buy these toilet seat covers and tiny toilet paper roll in the travel section of the drug store, but I found them here online also.
Flight 001 "Bathroom Emergency"

Since I travel a lot with my husband and my sister, who are both total magnets for stains (understatement!) these come in handy.
Flight 001 "Laundrymat Pak"

I like to be really organized when I travel, especially if I'm hopping from one destination to another, so I love these packing cubes. I have 3 of them which I use to organize swimsuits, socks, and underwear.
Eagle Creek "Pack-It® Cube"

When I go backpacking, these are my secret weapon. Trying to fit 3 months of your life into one backpack can be very hard, so I use these compressions sacks to reduce the space my clothes and towels take up in my bag.
Eagle Creek "Pack-It® Compression Set"

These socks are great for the plane! They keep your feet warm, and if you want to walk about the cabin, you can slip on your flip flops.
"Flip Flop Socks"

Flight 001 "Camera Case"

This looks amazing!! Flight 001 "Snuggy Pillow"

Flight 001 "Sleep Mask"

"Mighty Tyvek Luggage Tags"

"Stitching Postcard"