Breakfast Paninis

The wedding gift my husband and I have definitely gotten the most use out of has been our Breville Panini Press from Williams-Sonoma. It's so simple to use and turns up the yum factor in everyday sandwiches. We especially love to use it to make breakfast paninis. Since I'm a total zombie in the morning, Ken is usually on breakfast duty. Oh who am I kidding; he's always on breakfast duty.

This particular breakfast was one to remember! My husband made scrambled egg paninis and added fresh tarragon, sliced tomatoes, onions, smoked white cheddar, and grilled soy canadian bacon. He was extra-specially loving that morning and made mine with egg whites ♥ He also used his Jack LaLanne Power Juicer to make fresh pineapple pear juice, which was probably one of the best juices I've ever had. Mmmmmmm. This breakfast will be hard to top!

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