Pudge Free

One of our dessert staples in college was No Pudge Fudge Brownie Mix. These brownies are indulgent to your taste buds without all the extra fat, so they are easy on the hips... unless you eat the whole batch in one sitting, which is pretty easy to do FYI. All you need is:

1. No Pudge Fudge Brownie Mix
2. 2/3 cup non-fat vanilla yogurt (I used my favorite, Chobani Greek Yogurt)
3. 1 glass of wine (optional) while you wait for the brownies to bake

The mix is super thick and kind of hard to stir... but worth the struggle.

To spice things up, I added scoops of Häagen-Daz® five ginger ice cream with fresh raspberries and mint.

My husband is a ginger nut (understatement!!) so he especially loved the ice cream, which I have to say was one of the best ginger ice creams I've ever had outside of Japan. Good work Häagen-Daz®!

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