Spring Sales

I took a little peak at a few sales online, and I found some great items. I seriously may have to get these temple bells, but I have absolutely no idea where I'd put them or what I'd do with them. Maybe if I catch our fat cat eating our dog's food again, I can give her a little scare.

"Temple Bells" vivaterra.com

"Pedestal Beverage Dispenser" vivaterra.com

"Flowered Enamelwear" vivaterra.com

"Enamel Stacked Lunch Box" vivaterra.com

"Garnish Cocktail Spoons" anthropologie.com

"Backyard Rows Mug" anthropologie.com

"Ripple Ruffle Throw" urbanoutfitters.com

"60" Round Birds of a Feather Printed Rug" urbanoutfitters.com

"Blooming Brilliance Blouse" anthropologie.com

"Hep Posies Tunic" anthropologie.com

"UO Filigree Cuff Bracelet" urbanoutfitters.com

"Deux Lux Tassel Bucket Bag" urbanoutfitters.com

"Pins and Needles Lace-Trimmed Skirt" urbanoutfitters.com

Kimchi Blue Tiered Skirt" urbanoutfitters.com

Ecote Beaded Chiffon Tank" urbanoutfitters.com

"Kimchi Blue Peplum Dress" urbanoutfitters.com

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