Sunday Funday

Sundays are one of my favorite days. I seriously look forward to it all week. Why? Because it's Salmon Sunday! Patent pending. My husband and I randomly started our Sunday tradition more than 2 years ago, and when we can't have a Salmon Sunday, we'll sub in a Salmon Saturday like we did a couple weeks ago when I went to San Francisco for Bay to Breakers. So every Sunday, we create a delicious buffet of assorted goodies for lox and bagels. Yesterday, we upped the delish factor by switching from our normal bagels to slices of fresh baked garlic sourdough bread. I also put a little extra love into our cream cheese by mixing in a little fresh lemon juice and rind and some chopped fresh dill. Soooo yummy!

Salmon Sunday Buffet Bar:

♥ sliced onions
♥ sliced tomatoes
♥ sliced cucumbers
♥ sliced caper berries
♥ sliced garlic sourdough toast
♥ lemon dill cream cheese
♥ fresh ground pepper
♥ edible flowers
♥ lox

Not-So-Precise Recipe for my lemon dill cream cheese:

♥ A tub of Whole Foods whipped cream cheese
♥ Juice from half a lemon
♥ Grated rind from one lemon
♥ 2 tbsp ish of chopped fresh dill

Mix all with love and add slices of lemon and sprigs of dill for garnish

We like to use slices of large caper berries instead of regular capers because we like the flavor better and they stay on our salmon creations much easier.

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