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I came across a FANTASTIC travel website this weekend and I am overwhelmed with excitement! Go now to airbnb.com!! They have the most amazing places to stay in countries around the world. And I mean seriously amazing! Would you like to dine with a giraffe? Or would you rather stay in an ancient castle? Or would you like to be the little woman that vacationed in a shoe? I don't know how long I can wait for my passport to get renewed!

I think my friend just stayed in this whimsical spot. She showed me her photos and I was blown away! 727 Fuselage Home in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

I saw this place on TV once, but I thought it was a dream. Are you serious?! Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya

Do you want to stay in a castle as much as I do? Ancient British Castle in Stainmore, United Kingdom

Ummm... Stay in a gorgeous château in the heart of Burgundy near all that wine?? Oui Please! Les Roches in Mont Saint Jean, France

I must say, one of my greatest dreams in life is to stay in a lighthouse, so when I saw this gem my heart skipped a beat. Lighthouse Tower in Lot 8, Canada

With an 800 sq ft bathroom, this location boasts the largest bathroom in the country. Gotta love that! Island Suite in Alajuela, Costa Rica

This amazing Boot lies near Abel Tasman National Park, where I must say from experience is one of the most gorgeous places I have ever traveled to! But I wish I stayed in this Boot!! Boot and Breakfast in Nelson, New Zealand

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