Mimosas with a Twist

Mimosas are one of my favorite drinks to sip at brunch, but my husband has never been a big fan of champagne. So one Christmas morning, he and I created our first Ohayogozaimosas. The name we came up with combines the Japanese word ohayo gozaimasu (which means "good morning") with mimosas. The hubby loves his sake almost as much as he loves his juice, so pretty much this drink is drool inducing for him. But the other day, we took it up another notch. Instead of orange juice, we added fresh pressed pineapple juice to the sake. Yummmm!

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  1. this post couldnt have been more timely...i had a mimosa the other day that was SO delish. instead of OJ though, we used lemon sorbet and blended up with champagne in the blender for a few seconds. it was awesome - my new fave drink for sure!