Road Trip

The hubby and I are about to embark on a fun road trip, and in the spirit of travel, I tried to search for that classic photo of a woman wearing a scarf in a convertible with the top down for a little inspiration on what to pack. I thought it would be fun to dress up for the ride, but it doesn't make as much sense since I don't drive a convertible. But maybe I could take advantage of the crisp, clean non-L.A. air and drive with the window down, scarf flapping in the wind. I had a little trouble finding the photo I was searching for, but when I went to my favorite poster site online, I came across something way better. Vintage travel posters! I ♥ big time! I get all my vintage posters here. The selection is amazing! Here are my faves to inspire me for our road trip.

If the snow hasn't melted from the mountain passes, I kinda picture our trip to look like this ;) "Ski Patrol Gstaad"


"Hotchkiss Automobiles"

"Michelin Tire Man"

"Dunlop Tires"

"Hungarian Grand Prix"

This one is too funny! "Buy Your Wife A Ford"

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