Bathroom Fun

No room is up for more scrutiny than your bathroom. It's the little room that must be clean at all times so your guests don't think you are a stinking slob. Nothing scares me more than a moldy, dirty bathroom... actually lots of odd things scare me more than that but that is besides the point. There are so many fun things to add to your bathroom to give it some extra flare. Here are some of my faves.


"Bird Vine TP Holder"

"Lollia Foaming Bath"

"Leaf Study Tumbler"

"Perpetual Blooms Towels"

"Castile Rose Bathmat"

"Artisanal Wall-Mount Vase"

"Typeface Bath Accessories"


"Framed Animal Portraits"

"Silver Duck Mirror"

"Apothecary Candle Tins"

"Bunny Bath Mat"

"Scary Shower Curtain"

"Bacon Soap"

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