Portraits and a One Cent Sale

One fortuitous day, I came across the website for Nan Lawson, a Los Angeles based illustrator and photographer. I went to her etsy site to order a custom portrait as a pre wedding present for one of my besties. But as I was ordering her portrait, I couldn't resist the urge to get a couple for myself. So I ordered one of my hubby and I on our wedding day and one of my bridesmaids and I. When I received the prints in the mail, I was literally jumping up and down in giddy excitement like a five year old. And to make things even more exciting, I went to Aaron Brothers to find some cute frames and came upon their one cent frame sale! Buy one frame and get another for a penny. LOVE! The sale is on until the end of the month, so you'd better hurry.

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  1. I see my brooch haha! Jess had one too, but I think here bouquet is covering it. I love these!