Mini Vacations

So by now, maybe some of you have come to realize that I love anything mini. I love teeny tiny foods, and I love teeny tiny gadgets even more! But no one could have predicted the incredible woo-hoo inducing excitement I felt this week when I opened a travel e-mail from Concierge Travel regarding mini vacations. And by this, I mean itty bitty tourist attractions! Like Mini Mini Land in South Korea:

A tiny Niagara Falls feeds into a pond that houses a little Statue of Liberty and Golden Gate Bridge. And if that doesn't make you scratch your head, there are some full scale models including one of Spongebob Squarepants. Yes, my best friends are laughing right about now. This place really was made specifically for me. Here are some other little wonders of the world:

Mini Siam, Pattaya, Thailand

In case you missed anything throughout your travels in Thailand, this little tourist attraction created a "cheat sheet of the country's most famous buildings." You can also see Mini Europe, and a mini Sydney Opera House by Singapore's Merlion statue.

Bekonscot, Beaconsfield, England

This amazing little creation was constructed in the 1920's and 30's in the garden of Roland Callingham. He and the local school children came together to build this adorable mini village with trains, boats, and even a whale! And it's not just adorable, but it's educational too.

Mini Europe, Brussels, Belgium

This wonder of a mini amusement park houses 300 of Europe's most famous attractions. And some actually function! A minuscule Mt. Vesuvius erupts, a Little Ben (London's Big Ben) chimes, and mini mini gondolas navigate the canals of baby Venice.

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