Photo Wall 'O Fun

This was probably my favorite DIY project ever!! Though it was totally a pain in the arse to construct because we had a total time constraint, we were so thrilled with the result! Since we didn't have much time, and it took me forever to find wallpaper in Orange County, we had to put it together a little crudely, but I think we'll go back to it and put on the wallpaper properly instead of using tape and quake putty. I can't wait to use this for more parties in the future!

I gave my husband a tool set for our anniversary, and he excitedly cut out these holes from plywood we bought at Home Depot.

I finally found this textured wallpaper from Lowes.

Ken drilled in hinges so we can fold the walls together for storage.

The fruit of our labor, thanks to help from Danny!

Having the ocean as a backdrop made these frames look like actual photos!

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  1. So clever! I love it! :) You clever, creative girl, Sachi!