Spotlight: Moorea

The Tahitian Island of Moorea has been a favorite destination in my family for decades, and it has become a staple travel spot for my husband and I as well over the last 5 years. It helps that dear friends of ours let us crash in their tree house and take us out on their amazing boat tour.

When we aren't staying in hotels, Ken and I crash at our friends' guest tree house. Not too shabby! But here are some other places to stay.

Our Very Own Double Rainbow at the Intercontinental

Ken paddling back from a surf, straight in and out from our bungalow!

There are so many things to do in Moorea other than lounging beachside at your resort. Here are just a few of my top recommendations.

Moorea Boat Tours Our friend's boat tour will be the highlight of your stay in Moorea. You get the chance to swim with sharks, sting rays, and the resident baracuda, and if you are lucky enough to plan your trip sometime between mid July to October, you can swim with the magnificent Humpback Whales!

I realize now I look really stupid in this photo, but I promise my hand was NOT that close to the stinger!

♥Eat at the Bus Stop - My fave restaurant in all of Tahiti! Get the Taro fries!!

♥Drive or take a tour to Mt. Belvedere, and make sure to stop and sample some fresh jams and buy a delicious fresh smoothie.
View from Mt. Belvedere

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