poor santa

It's the age old question: What do you get your parents for Christmas when you can't afford what they'd want?  I guess that applies to anybody, but in my case it's my parents, particularly my mother. But luckily (or unluckily) I think sometimes they still believe I'm five years old, so they love, and I mean LOVE, anything I make by hand.  So I've gotten into the habit of making them these little Fimo or Sculpey oven-hardening clay figurines every Christmas.  They always seem easy enough in concept, but when it comes down to actually making them, they are so labor intensive and time consuming that I only can make one or two of them before I quit for the year.  This time, I was inspired by my parents' spastic puppies.  They may look cute, but when you turn your back, they jump on top of you and lick your ear canals and anything else they can manage to get their paws, or should I say tongues, on.  And what better way to capture them in the Christmas spirit than showcasing them attacking St. Nick himself.  And so I give you "Poor Santa."

The inspiration:

The Making of Poor Santa:

The Finished Product:

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