road trip

I've been lagging big time on uploading my pics from our recent road trip to Colorado over Thanksgiving.  It was fun going through all of them, though it took a while.  I have a horrible tendency to take a million photos when my dog is around.  But you can't not justify capturing memories, and there were a lot of them this time around!  Our drive was dotted with endless rainbows and snow flurries, and an impromptu stay in Aspen turned into the score of a lifetime!  The Residence Hotel hooked us up with an impossibly amazing deal, so we slept like royalty for a few days in one of the most lavishly decorated rooms I've seen.  Then we headed to Estes Park to meet up with my hubby's family to celebrate Thanksgiving, and we had some friendly furry visitors greet us daily at our amazing cabin.  On the way back to Cali, we put in a couple days on the slope in Copper and Aspen.  So many more stories to tell, but I'm exhausted from looking through all my photos.  Here are a selected few of the many.

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