brain freeze

So I have to admit, I haven't been quite the same since the horrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  My brain has since taken a hiatus, and I have no idea when it will be back.  So my husband and I decided to drown my sorrows in ice cream.  But we couldn't decide on just one tub, so we decided to make a contest out of it.  Specifically to taste test Ben and Jerry's late night comics.  Fight night of the century!  Stephen Colbert vs. Jimmy Fallon.  Who reigns supreme in late night taste?  And why stop there when you can add Red Velvet Cake and Snickerdoodle Cookie to the menu?  And the results are in...

In terms of the case of Colbert v. Fallon, i call a tie.  And here's why.  Though I way prefer Colbert's fudge covered waffle cones over Fallon's chocolate covered potato chips, Fallon's vanilla bean ice cream with salty caramel swirl tasted yummier than Colbert's vanilla bean ice cream
with caramel swirl.  So here's my thought; if you combine Jimmy Fallon's ice cream and caramel combo with Stephen Colbert's fudge covered waffle cone, then you'd have one fabulously tastetastic tub o' ice cream.  But if I have to call a winner, I guess the prize goes to Colbert by a hair.  And as for the Red Velvet and Snickerdoodle, yummmmmmmmmmmm.  So a very special Thanks to Ben and Jerry's for taking my mind off of the bummer stuff.

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