Food & Fashion... Japan Style

Japan not only holds the key to all my childhood memories, but it is also the land of great food and fashion, crazy as they may be.  I can't get enough... ever!  

Crazy ballerina fashion at Takeshita St.

Socks!  Socks! Socks!

My fave department store, La Foret

I want

More La Foret

Inakaya, one of my favorite restaurants in the world!

Mini food trucks.  This one's for you, Ashley :)

Gifted chocolates

More gifted chocolates. Yumm!!

Revolving sushi

mmmmm... toro... 

The aftermath

Tamaya. Best restaurant in Yudanaka!!

Chanko-Nabe. The traditional food of sumo wrestlers. So delish!

The unbelievable breakfast at the Hotel Tsubakino.


I want to replicate this breakfast... or at least try to.

I actually got Ken to try everything

The tofu was made in front of our eyes! Incredible!

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