i can eat salmon

So a few months back, my doc warned me that my mercury level was a bit higher than normal.  That of course was totally not surprising given that I eat fish pretty much daily.  I'm Japanese... it's in my blood, I guess literally.  The task of trying to reduce my mercury level has been kind of daunting.  I can say no to chicken and beef all day long, but fish is a completely different story.  Luckily, I came across this handy mercury guide when I googled how high the mercury content is in salmon.  Thank Buddha salmon is low on the charts!  And thankfully I tend to shy away from eating anything that can eat me, since I don't want to go down that karmic road, so most of the really big fishies aren't in my diet anyways, except tuna.  No more yellowtail hand rolls for me I guess.  Insert giant frowny face here!   

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