enough already

I'd probably would be more excited about the royal wedding, if I didn't have to hear about it every 2 seconds on the tv, radio, magazines, etc...  I'm not gonna lie though;  I'm really curious about the dress.  I'll probably stay up late enough to catch the first glimpse, then go to bed.  I'm not going to try to predict what I think she will wear, though I will put my two cents into what I want her to wear.   So here we go...  

Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier

Vera Wang


Reem Acra

the japan skates

So over the past few days, I have come to realize that I am completely incapable of doing two things at once.  I have not been able to enjoy my hard work pay off at Bowers Museum and simultaneously post to my blog daily.  So the posts will probably be sporadic at best the next few weeks, but hopefully I will have the sense to combine my amazing museum experiences into my blog as soon as my mind starts to stop wandering.  In the meantime, I am finally getting around to posting the link to the skateboards we made to help raise money for the relief efforts in Japan.  The Price Collection feels like we owe the world to Japan for allowing us to take part in such a wonderful tradition of painting, and we want to give back.  All the proceeds from these skateboards will go to the GlobalGiving Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.  

"Ito Jakuchu Skateboard Deck" shop.bowers.org

"Katayama Yokoku Skateboard Deck" shop.bowers.org

"Mori Sosen Skateboard Deck" shop.bowers.org

"Katsu Jagyoku Skateboard Deck" shop.bowers.org


Totally don't know what to think about this one...

"nose shower-gel dispenser" fredflare.com


I was going to post photos regarding our art exhibition at Bowers museum, but got thoroughly distracted by this...

"sausage link dog leash" fredflare.com

it's finally here!

We've been planning our upcoming show at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana for about a year now, and I'm so excited to say that the opening is right around the corner on April 16th!  First up, we are showing the works of Itō Jakuchū,one of the greatest artists to ever live.  And watch for the skateboards we will be selling to raise money for Japan's earthquake and tsunami relief!  I will post the online link to buy the skates as soon as we get them in.  In the meantime, here's a little info on this great Japanese artist.

Itō Jakuchū, a son of a rich grocer, was born in Kyōto in 1716.  He lived close to the markets in the Nishiki quarter, and being financially well off, he could devote his time to painting.  Jakuchū was unique to Japanese art history in that he was a very solitary figure.  He differed from his contemporaries by expressing fully what he saw in the environment surrounding him, driven by a desire to represent nature and the animals he respected so dearly.  

Jakuchū was a serious man, and his art reflected that side of him.  The priest, Chikujo Daiten (1717-1801) wrote of him:
     “Keiwa (Jakuchū) as a young man never liked studying.  He had no talent in calligraphy.  He was hardly versed in anything that can be called an accomplishment.  All the pleasures of music and sensuous experience that an ordinary man would seek did not at all attract him.  All the wealth, profit, and success that dazzle the people of this capital he totally ignored.  He did not even cast one glance at them.  By nature he would prefer to be alone, exhausting himself all day long in painting.  Thirty years of immersion in painting was to him like one full day.”*

* Quoted from an article on Jakuchū by Yoshiaki Shimizu

so tempted

This is so right up my alley, it's not even funny.  

"Personal Card-Making Screen Printer" urbanoutfitters.com

so far so good...

It's actually working!  Blogging about what I want to bring on my tropical vacation is keeping me from packing months in advance.  Success!

Here are my faves from the land of guilty pleasures, Free People.

"Starlight Lovers Dress" freepeople.com

"Summer Flora Dress" freepeople.com

"Pattern Mochila Woven Bucket" freepeople.com

tropical madness

More things I want to pack in my suitcase from SHOPBOP.COM!

Rebecca Taylor "Nouveau Ballet Dress" shopbop.com

The Addison Story "Chiffon Skort" shopbop.com

Dolce Vita "Dacia T Strap Flat Sandals" shopbop.com

bikini island

My favorites from Victoria's Secret.  Bring on the sun!

"Gold Coral Bandeau Top and String Bottom" victoriassecret.com

"Floral Ruffle Bandeau Top and Bottom" victoriassecret.com

"Embellished Circle Bandeau Top and Low Rise Bottom" victoriassecret.com

i have issues

Okay, for those that know me well, I have a SERIOUS problem with packing WAY TOO EARLY for trips.  I get excited and can't really contain myself, so instead of jumping up and down or reading my Lonely Planets, I pack.  Sometimes months in advance.  It's a crazy compulsion that came out of nowhere.  No one in my family takes credit for instilling this bizarre behavior.  In fact, my sister is the polar opposite (in every way) and packs like minutes before she has to leave.  

In a few months, I'm turning... huge horrible gulp... 30! And knowing how I react to birthdays, I knew I had to go somewhere amazingly exciting or risk spending all of my b-day in my bed at home (with my cat and dog) crying.  So......... we are going on a tropical vacation!!!  Woohoo!!!!  And now, as I have just explained, you can imagine that I am trying to control the horrible and intense urges to pack.  My fingers are twitching in anticipation, and my suitcase is glowing underneath the bed.  To appease myself, I am going to try blogging about all the fun things I want to pack for my birthday adventure.  First up, beach cover-ups from PIPERLIME.COM.

Robert Roller Rabbit "pareo wrap" piperlime.com 

Shoshanna "eyelet floral cover up" piperlime.com

Marc by Marc Jacobs "scalloped double ruffle cover up dress"

smoked string cheeeeeeese

One of my absolute favorite snacks in the world is this ridiculously amazing Japanese smoked string cheese.  I buy packs of it every time I'm in Japan, but unfortunately have never been able to find it here stateside.  While shopping at Gelson's the other day, I stumbled across natural light smoked mozzarella string cheese by Weight Watchers.  I didn't really want to buy them because the thought of buying any Weight Watchers product is just depressing, but my cravings for my special Japanese string cheese prompted me to add the impostors to my basket.  Though they are nowhere near as satisfying as my Japanese brand, they will easily serve as a substitute until I find my way back to the land of the rising sun.

chili dog for the vegtarian

When I was younger, my dad and I would always order chili dogs at Alpine Meadows for lunch after a good morning ski session.  That kind of stopped happening after I learned what goes into a hot dog... gross... haven't really been able to eat them since.   Because this year has been ridiculously cold (even at the beach) I've been craving chili a lot.  So while shopping at Whole Foods the other day, I came up with the idea of making vegetarian chili dogs with veggie chili and tofu dogs.  It's kind of annoying how hot dog buns always come in packs of 12, so instead, I bought a demi french baguette that I would eventually quarter.  
And the finished result... 
Totally disappointing.  But it was definitely ingestible.  I am either going to venture into other veggie dog territory to refine the recipe, or I will have to take the hot dog plunge.  I definitely have some new recipe ideas in the works that are getting me pretty excited to experiment.  Until next time...  

happy april fools'

I'm not very good at practical jokes because I end up feeling too bad for tricking people, so alas, this day is pretty uneventful for me.  Though this little doozy of a drinking game could get the fools' party started... 
possibly in a very very very bad way.  

"Shot Roulette" urbanoutfitters.com