i have issues

Okay, for those that know me well, I have a SERIOUS problem with packing WAY TOO EARLY for trips.  I get excited and can't really contain myself, so instead of jumping up and down or reading my Lonely Planets, I pack.  Sometimes months in advance.  It's a crazy compulsion that came out of nowhere.  No one in my family takes credit for instilling this bizarre behavior.  In fact, my sister is the polar opposite (in every way) and packs like minutes before she has to leave.  

In a few months, I'm turning... huge horrible gulp... 30! And knowing how I react to birthdays, I knew I had to go somewhere amazingly exciting or risk spending all of my b-day in my bed at home (with my cat and dog) crying.  So......... we are going on a tropical vacation!!!  Woohoo!!!!  And now, as I have just explained, you can imagine that I am trying to control the horrible and intense urges to pack.  My fingers are twitching in anticipation, and my suitcase is glowing underneath the bed.  To appease myself, I am going to try blogging about all the fun things I want to pack for my birthday adventure.  First up, beach cover-ups from PIPERLIME.COM.

Robert Roller Rabbit "pareo wrap" piperlime.com 

Shoshanna "eyelet floral cover up" piperlime.com

Marc by Marc Jacobs "scalloped double ruffle cover up dress"

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