last minute items

When it comes to packing for vacation, I'm highly neurotic.  Like I've said before, it takes a village to keep me from packing months in advance.  This time around, with a little encouragement from a friend, I've behaved myself.  I left the packing until the last two weeks, which is a HUGE step towards normal for me.  Now that vacation time is finally approaching, I have a few more items to cross off my pack list.  I could have easily justified purchasing these beauties for my birthday, but I'm lazy... and got a little side tracked by our dog's surgery.  But if these are still available when I get back, my wallet is going to suffer the consequences! 

"Beach Stripe Hat"

"Cream Lace Cape"

"Pleat Front Chiffon Cover Up"

"Modular Wedges"

"Grass Macrame Tote"

paradise breeze

This seems perfect for cool breezy nights in paradise.  Might have to pick one up before my tropical vacation!

"Asymmetrical Cardigan"


I was completely blind sided this past week with the horrible news that the vet found a mass cell tumor on our dog, Toki.  The 5 days it took between the extraction of the tumor and the test results were the longest days of my life.  But we got the GREAT news yesterday that Toki is healthy and will recover fully!  So that being said, I feel like celebrating with her!  

"Grrrona Beer Dog Toy"

"Puptron Tequila Plush Dog Toy"

"Muttgarita Plush Dog Toy"

skate for Japan

If you haven't bought your Price Collection skateboard yet, here's the link for you.

Yokoku Tiger Skateboard Deck

peachy keen

I can't get enough of this dress!  I need an excuse to buy this and the money to do so. Torture! 

ADAM "Ruffle Tank Dress"

oui oui

I can't seem to get enough of anything French, and this just takes the cake.  Or should I say cupcake?

"City of Delights Cupcake Kit"