bali hai will find you

When it came to my 30th birthday, I knew I had to be somewhere fabulous doing fabulous things or else I would suffer the consequences of a tear-filled night under the blankets with a tub of ice cream and a dog and husband who wouldn't know what to do with me.   So we decided to plan the most ridiculous trip to Tahiti with one of my fave couples in the world!  To say we had a great time is an understatement. And I am very proud to say I didn't shed a single tear over turning the big 3-0!  Trying to organize my Tahiti photos is an incredibly daunting task, but I will try my darndest!  I'll start out with a few highlights and work my way from there. 

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  1. um... your pictures trump my actual trip to fiji!

    happy belated b-day!!!!!

    luv... ari