Best. Dish. Ever. Period.

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the Tahitian dish Poisson Cru.  It is my go-to dish every time I am in the Polynesian islands.  It is basically fish ceviche with coconut milk.  But our friend Heifara took it to a whole new level!  Heifara owns Moorea Boat Tours in the island of - you guessed it - Moorea.  He took us out on his boat for a crazy day of adventures.  We snorkeled with sting rays, sharks, more sharks (well... that was the husband, I stayed in the boat of course) and dolphins!!  We followed a pod of about 7 dolphins, complete with the tiniest little baby dolphin that stole my heart!  Heifara and Ken even hopped off the boat for a couple hours to surf.  And to top it all off, we even wake boarded in the crystal clear waters.  It was such a fantastic day, capped off by an amazing home cooked meal by Heifara, who a few hours earlier by the way, spear fished our meal for the evening while my husband got a head start surfing.  I will for sure be trying the recipe out myself and posting that in the near future!  

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