Round 2

We are gearing up to open our second show of Price Collection masterpieces at Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, opening to the public this Saturday, June 18th!  I have been extremely distracted this past week and couldn't get around to all the cooking I had planned.  I really wanted to make some poisson cru as I posted last week.  My real job comes first though, and we spent ALL day yesterday checking to make sure the lighting on each painting is perfect.  Even though I've seen these paintings hundreds of times over my lifetime, I am still as mesmerized by them today as I was in childhood.  And you will be mesmerized too when you see them in person!  The show ends July 17th, so don't miss it!

Beauty with Puppy
Yamaguchi Soken (1759-1818)
Edo period, 18th-19th century
Hanging scroll, ink and colors on silk

This painting depicts a beautiful young woman fanning herself on the way out to enjoy the cool breeze of a Japanese summer night. Notice the wild geese and grass on her delicate fan.  The lightness of her summer kimono and her red undergarments add a seductive mood to the painting, and the little puppy pulling at her sleeve adds a playful touch as well.

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